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20 April 2017

Company "ATEM" - BRAND OF THE YEAR 2017

April 12, 2017 the company "ATEM" won the winning place in the All-Ukrainian competition "BRAND OF THE YEAR 2017" in the category "Impeccable Quality" in the category "Consumer Goods / Production".

It is worth noting that the first prize in the competition is a well-deserved award for the professional feedback of the company's specialists at all planned stages of work - from the development of the idea to the production of TM "ATEM". This is another additional motivation to meet the growth, development and trust of customers.

Many employees of TM "ATEM" daily make every effort to produce stylish, affordable and high-quality products. Working hard, the company's employees create more than 2500 thousands of products and pay in reality exquisite, original ideas for their customers.

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