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Limited Liability Company ATEM founded



Change of management, which began a new milestone in the company’s activity



The launch of the first production line for two-component PET bottle caps. By that time, the company had become one the most powerful CIS plants, with a total output of 2.2 billion cap pieces per year. ATEM remained the only manufacturer of two-component plastic caps for PET bottles in Ukraine.



The Company expanded their range of plastic products by launching the production of preform for PET bottles. At present, the total capacity of PET preform production lines has reached 580 million pieces per year.



ATEM entered the construction materials market by starting the production of ceramic tiles. Today, the plant is equipped with eight production lines. The company’s total production capacity is up to 20 million square meters of ceramic tiles per year, including tiles for walls and floors, borders, decorative components, ceramic granite, dimensional frieze and small-size tiles.



ATEM started manufacturing disposable plastic cups. The cup production lines annual output of reached 1.5 billion pieces.



To implement the vertical integration concept, the ATEM group merged with a trading company, Barvinok and a trading house, Atelier Keramiki.



The first Atelier Keramiki showroom was opened in Kyiv.



Atelier Keramiki showrooms were opened in Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk.


Atelier Keramiki showrooms were opened in Cherkasy, Lviv and Odesa.

The largest ceramic tile production line within the CIS countries was launched. The manufacture of large-size tiles of 1200x1200 mm was established. Production capacities were increased up to 20 million square meters per year.



Eleven original Atelier Keramiki showrooms were opened. The company was an active participant in the MosBuild exhibitions in Moscow and the international building exhibition InterBuildExpo in Kyivwith a new АТЕМ collection for 2012: “Magic of Colors”



ATEM participated in the exhibitions InterBuildExpo in Kyiv andMosBuild in Moscow with a new АТЕМ collection for 2013: “Magic of Style”



The Company participated in the international building and interior exhibition Batimat in Moscow and got the Bright Debut award. It was also a participant in the Coverings” exhibition in Chicago and received the Best in Show award, as well as in InterBuildExpo in Kyiv.



The ATEM group is engaged in:

Extraction of raw materials: kaolin quarry (Ukraine, Zhytomyr region);

Production: RМ-Invest plant (Ukraine, Kyiv);

Distribution: trading houses in Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the U.S.A.;

Retail Sales: Atelier Keramiki showroom network (24 showrooms in Ukraine’s largest cities, 3 showrooms in Moscow and 2 showrooms in the U.S.A.).


The participant of InterBuild Expo 2016(Ukraine), Batimat Russia 2016, Coverings Chicago, 2016. The winner in nomination The exporter of the year 2015.

The opening of the modern showroom "Atelier of ceramics. Outlet" in Lviv. The opening of the updated showroom "Atelier of ceramics" the n Zhytomyr.

The winner in the nomination "The leader of the industry 2016". 


Brand of the year 2017 in the nomination "High quality of the product" . The participant of "KyivBuild" 2017.