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«ATEM» Group

Ceramic tiles

The first lot of ceramic tiles from the company was produced in May 2003, however, today ATEM is the most powerful and modern national manufacturer of ceramic tiles. The high quality of ATEM products and moderate prices became its main strategic priorities. Therefore, technical equipment for the factory was provided by international leaders of equipment production, namely by companies such as SACMI, SYSTEM, KEMAC and TECHNOITALIA, among others. The marketability of ATEM products is also ensured by using high-quality raw materials. These materials are the best in Europe: Ukrainian clays, kaolin, chalk, sand, Turkish feldspar, Italian and Spanish pigments and frits. In order to gain competitive advantages in the construction materials market, the company experts closely monitor all new achievements in the field of finish construction materials and interior design trends, which allows them to respond immediately to market demands and to create new collections that are maximally adapted to Ukrainian consumers’ choices. Owing to the wide range of products, exquisite design of their constantly renewed floor and wall tiles collections, highly artistic exclusive decorative components and frieze tiles, ATEM managed to gain the reputation among experts in the construction materials market as the most stylish factory across the CIS. Each advertising campaign, and every time ATEM participates in international specialized exhibitions held in Ukraine, they always bring the house down. The company applies different approaches creatively to such important marketing instruments as advertising and participation in exhibitions, therefore, ATEM has received The Best Exposition award on more than one occasion.

One-component plastic caps

ATEM ‘s high-tech production of one-component plastic caps was organized on the basis of the state-of-the-art automated equipment supplied by the Italian company SAKMI and the German company TAMPOPRINT. A laser device for printing stock symbols on a plastic cap offers vast opportunities for production of all kinds of products. In the production of plastic caps, the company exclusively uses high quality raw materials provided by well-known polypropylene suppliers BOREALIS and BASELL. These plastic caps have an unlimited color set, ensured by the dyestuffs of the German company CLARIANT. Such an approach to all constituent parts of the production process, as well as highly qualified personnel and appropriate production standards, contributed to the achievement of high quality ATEM products which was confirmed by ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 international certificates, by the certificates of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Ukrmetrteststandard. This has become a prerequisite for undergoing a special quality audit in order to supply ATEM products to the enterprises of well-known transnational brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The main customers of ATEM one-component caps are leading national bottlers, producing strongly carbonated beverages and beer, like OBOLON, PYVOVARNYA ZIBERTA (ZIBERT BEER FACTORY), KRASYLIVSKE, OKHTYRSKYI PYVZAVOD (OKHTYRKA BEER FACTORY), MUROVANI KURYLOVTSI PLANT OF REGINA MINERAL WATER, among others.

Plastic cups

Within the last two years, ATEM took the position as one of the largest producers of disposable plastic cups in Ukraine. Having taken a professional approach to a new project, as it has always done, the company purchased highly efficient Italian equipment produced by the OMV Company. None of the other national producers of plastic cups has such equipment. Therefore, the new type of packaging products is produced exclusively of primary raw materials from the best European producers. Main consumers of these products are OBOLON, SLAVUTYCH and SAN INBEV UKRAINE, among other companies. The product quality is confirmed by ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 international certificates.

Quartz agglomerate

ATEM’s innovative area of focus, the Ukrainian launch of pioneer production of quartz agglomerate, is accomplished based on its high-tech equipment. Quartz agglomerate is an amazing material, in which the unique qualities and beauty of genuine quartz and high technologies are combined. Quartz agglomerate consists of genuine quartz (93%), polyester (5%) and dyestuffs (2%). As a result of this combination, a substance having excellent durability was derived. According to the Mohs scale, the hardness amounts to seven points. Water saturation factor of quartz agglomerate does not exceed 0.02%. Owing to this important indicator of physical characteristics, quartz stone is an uncompromising alternative when it comes to utilization in premises with very high humidity and production surfaces that come into contact with water. Quartz agglomerate is used for the production of kitchen countertops, chests and countertops for bathrooms, tables, office desks, reception counters, windowsills and stairs. It is also used for floor and wall tiles and for the production of ornamental mosaic. ATEM’s quartz agglomerate is produced in slabs 3000×1400 mm long and 15, 20 and 30 mm thick.