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Bathroom Bathroom
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Living area Living area
Technical Area Technical Area
Facades, terraces Facades, terraces
Business / Interior Business / Interior
Business / For outdoor Business / For outdoor

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Brown Brown
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Yellow Yellow
Nonstandart Nonstandart

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100x100 100x100
100x200 100x200
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150x300 150x300
150x600 150x600
197x1200 197x1200
200x500 200x500
200х200 200х200
200х300 200х300
200х600 200х600
220x350 220x350
250x500 250x500
250х450 250х450
275х400 275х400
300x600 300x600
300х300 300х300
400x800 400x800
400х400 400х400
600x1200 600x1200
600x600 600x600
76x152 76x152
86x149 86x149
87x213 87x213
87x300 87x300
87x87 87x87

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Stone Stone
Cement Cement
Wood Wood
Rustic Rustic
Color Mix Color Mix
Other Other
Collection tiles


Urban accent CHICAGO collection creates an atmosphere of perpetual motion.
7 tiles
Collection tiles


MILOS tile resembles a well-crafted stone that is laid out in a simple geometric pattern, based on its various shades.
5 colors
Collection tiles


Collection braves in warm colors with a matte and polished surface. It simulates the surface of natural stone.
2 size
Collection tiles


Collection tiles GLORIA has a unique emotional style, creating a sense of superiority and comfort.
2 colors
New collection


 Collection tiles CEMENT, impresses with its rigor, restraint and brevity.
2015 year


Annual production capacity of the plant exceeds 20 million sq.m. This amount can cover the area of twelve states of Monaco. 


Group of companies "Atem" is a modern, high-tech and stylish ceramic tile manufacturer in Europe, a leading manufacturer and undisputed leader of the Ukrainian market of ceramic tiles. 

Atelier of ceramics

The network of showrooms "Atelier of ceramics" includes 24 showrooms in major cities of Ukraine, 3 showrooms in Moscow, 2 showrooms in the United States.